Scuba Diving In Brazil


SCUBA diving enthusiasts travel the world in search of the perfect dive spots. However, this sport is also popular amongst less frequent divers that find solace in the beauty and silence of the open water within their own home town.

Therefore, this has become an important facet of the tourism industry in Brazil, which offers magnificent SCUBA diving opportunities. With 5 000 miles, or more than 8 000 kilometres, of open coastline, it is no wonder that Brazil offers such plentiful SCUBA spots.

Photograph of a diver in the Bay of Paraty Brazil, clear waters with visibility 10 meters or more depending on day and season, natural light solar photography, spring season.

SCUBA diving off the coast of this South American country is particularly rewarding for its biodiversity. This includes the mammals, fish and vegetation (kelp and coral, for example) that live beneath the inviting waters of the Atlantic Ocean. Popular animals that are sighted on SCUBA dives around Brazil include spinner dolphins, nurse sharks, green sea turtles, and even whales (during the period between July and December). In addition to the natural abundance of the area, there are also a number of shipwrecks, lying in haunting stillness at the bottom of the ocean. Explore their nooks and crannies, accompanied by inquisitive fish and mammals.

The most popular SCUBA diving spots in Brazil include:

• The Fernando de Noronha Marine Park (Pernambuco) – this is a protected World Heritage Site that is home to 15 different corals and 230 species of fish, making for very rewarding diving. This is also the popular breeding ground for a massive population of spinner dolphins. There are a number of sites within the Marine Park that are recognised for their awesome diving potential. These include Naufragio do Porto, Ilha do Meio, Pedras Secas, and Ressureta.
For divers that want to incorporate hiking into their itinerary, be sure to take your snorkelling gear with you so that you can take advantage of unexpected diving spots along the way.

• Angra Dos Resi (Rio de Janeiro) – this area is actually just over 150 kilometres away from Rio and boasts more than 300 islands along its coastline. There are more than 12 different diving spots that have all been ranked as being above average. Some of the sites include caves and passages, which make the SCUBA experience very exciting. The Pinguino Wreck is found here, and is always a hit amongst divers.
• Arraial Do Cabo (Rio de Janeiro) – less than 200 kilometres from Rio, this is recognised as the best SCUBA diving spot in south Brazil. All of the diving sites here are good for the inexperienced divers and are known for their superior visibility.

• The Arvoredo Island Biological Reserve (Santa Catarina) – known for having some of the best SCUBA spots in South America, this reserve requires divers to obtain a permit from official dive centres. Some of the local residents include the hairy blennies, hawksbill sea turtles and southern stingrays. Divers frequently see seahorses as well as right whales in this area.
• The Abrolhos Archipelago Islands – home to one of the rarest coral reefs in the area, this group of islands continues to be a very popular diving spot. It is home to an incredible array of plant- and animal life.

SCUBA diving in Brazil is a year-round activity. The water averages 25 degrees Celsius (78 Fahrenheit) from January to March and drops marginally to 23 degrees Celsius (or 73 degrees Fahrenheit) between July and September.

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