Santa Catarina Island


Ilha de Santa Catarina (or Santa Catarina Island is an island situated along the coastline of Brazil. As its name implies, it belongs to the state of Santa Catarina, and is part of the municipality of Florianópolis (most of which is situated on the island itself), which is the cultural capital of Brazil.

The island has a total area of just 424.4 square kilometres and is only about 18 kilometres wide. Santa Catarina is just one island in a much larger archipelago of over 30 other islands. Some of the other better known land masses include Goat Island, Desert Island and Isle Welsh.

Lagoa da Conceição - a lake in the island Santa Catarina, Florianopolis

Santa Catarina Island is connected to the mainland of Brazil by three bridges (Hercilio Luz, Colombo Salles and Pedro Ivo Campos bridges). The bridges provide access to the island across a channel that is approximately 500 meters wide and 28 meters deep.

The highest point of this island, Ribeirão da Ilha, measures 532 metres in altitude. Of course, this is not the only mountain on the island, which is dotted by various steep rocky faces that line the coast to create spectacular scenes for locals and tourists alike. The two main lakes, Conceição and Peri, are beautiful, providing fresh water and support to the local fauna and flora as well as stunning backdrops for visitors to enjoy.

The coastline of the Santa Catarina Island is known for its vibrancy in terms of its cultural diversity and abundance of things to see and do. However, it is also known for its natural beauty, lulling visitors into a sense of complete serenity. The pine forests too are exquisite as they line the eastern coastline. This coast is frequented by surfers, who take advantage of the ample waves.

Some of the most popular tourist attractions in Ilha de Santa Catarina are:

• Ilha do Campeche – quite simply, this is like the miniature version of the island. It is just off the coast of the main island, and boasts dense green forests and excellent hiking, swimming and snorkelling spots for the outdoor enthusiast. It also has a significant historical value, thanks to the remnants of ancient cultures that remain as testimony of these ones.

• Museu Victor Meirelles - Victor Meirelles was a Brazilian artist that depicted significant events in the history of the country. This has earned him acclaim, not only for his artistic contributions, but also for his commitment to portraying the rich, fascinating history of Brazil. This museum is the house in which he was raised during the 19th century.
• Praia do Moçambique – this is one of the beaches that stretch seamlessly along the coastline north of Barra da Lagoa. The waves are particularly ideal for surfers wanting to spend their days in the cool blue of the Atlantic Ocean

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