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Salvador is the capital city of the Brazilian state of Bahia, formally and originally known as Cidade de São Salvador da Bahia de Todos os Santos.

This city is characterised by its friendly, warm atmosphere, its welcoming locals and the ambience of fun and fancy.

However, it is not only popular because of its laid-back setting. Rather, it is also one of the oldest established settlements in all of Brazil. This gives it an authentic charm and complexity that is not easily rivalled. Its culture and heritage is fascinating, drawing visitors in as they explore the city centre and the rolling hills.

Barra Beach, Salvador de Bahia - Brazil

Salvador enjoys one of the highest populations in Brazil and Latin America as a whole, giving it a vibrant, bustling appeal. These local inhabitants are culturally invested in their home, providing visitors with cuisine, music, art and architecture that truly reflect the beauty of Brazil. Much of this culture has been influenced by the ancient introduction of African slaves, so visitors can expect a more Afro-Brazilian combination. However, because the Portuguese were the original colonisers, much of the art and architecture conveys Portuguese ideals, styles and influences.

Salvador’s positioning is ideal for its status as a port, as it lies on the peninsula between Todos os Santos Bay and the azure Atlantic Ocean. While this port and bay are beautiful, they also have a very important role in the exporting of goods. This, in turn, influences the local economy enormously.

The climate in Salvador is typically tropical, with humid, wet conditions all year round. The landscape varies from flat plains to low mountains, and everything in-between. The weather conditions are fairly standard throughout Salvador, but temperatures do drop as altitude increases. May, June and July are the driest months of the year, despite still receiving a fair amount of rainfall.

One of the main attractions of Salvador is its coastline, of which there is approximately 50 kilometres. Some of the beaches are also located on the shores of the bay, rather than of the ocean.

This gives visitors variety, while never negotiating on magnificent views.

Because Salvador is a popular tourist destination, it is amply equipped (in terms of transport, accommodation and infrastructure) to handle the international visitors.

During a trip to Salvador, Bahia, tourists are encouraged to explore some of the following attractions:

• The Mont Serrat Fortress
• Porto da Barra Beach – voted one of the best beaches in the world
• The island of Itaparica in the Bay of All Saints
• Morro de São Paulo in Valença – an island that is only accessible via boat or plane
• Jardim dos Namorados Park
• Costa Azul Park
• Park of the City
• Park of Pituaçu

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