Paraíba is a coastal state, one of the most densely populated in Brazil, South America. Named after the river of the same name, Paraíba is a popular tourist destination as well as an important epicentre for industry. It is acclaimed for its beautiful beaches, pleasant climate and cultural and geographical diversity. Paraíba occupies a total area of 56 584.6 square kilometres or 21 847.4 square miles and is home to approximately 3.9 million people. João Pessoa is its capital city and the home of many of its most popular attractions and activities..

The Flag Of Paraíba

The whole of the South American region that is today known as Brazil was initially occupied by semi-nomadic tribes that depended on the land and earth for their survival. These were hunter-gatherers and farmers. Then, halfway through the 1500’s, European explorers made their way to this part of the world, which was still a mysterious hideaway at this time. Portuguese settlers founded Filipéia de Nossa Senhora das Neves (which is now known as the capital, João Pessoa). This was situated at the mouth of the Paraíba do Norte River and was conveniently located for transport and access to water.

When it was discovered that this region yielded extremely fertile sugar plantations, the different European entities of France, Portugal and Holland (or the Netherlands) began to fight over it. The Dutch powers became a substantial threat to Portugal, who managed to retain supremacy in the country.

In addition to the sugarcane that is so amply available in Paraíba, it was discovered as late as in 1989 that the area is also particularly rich in tourmaline crystals, which display a gorgeous neon turquoise hue in this particular area.

The service sector remains Paraíba’s most important in terms of its GDP (Gross Domestic Product) contribution. This is followed by industry and agriculture. Its main agricultural products include corn, sugarcane, pineapples, beans and beef. Paraíba exports cotton, footwear, sugar, alcohol, seafood and sisal. Another very important contributor in terms of the economy is tourism.

The following tourist attractions are “must-sees” during your time in the beautiful Paraíba:

• Casa da Pólvora – a historical museum
• Cultural Center in João Pessoa – complete with an astronomical observatory, library and art exhibitions
• Golden Chapel (Capela Dourada)
• Museum of Sacred Art
• Nossa Senhora do Carmo
• The beautiful park of Parque Sólon de Lucena
• Baía da Traição - a military museum
• The many gorgeous beaches
• The Itapuá Sugar Mill
• Pedra do Ingá – an area of breath-taking natural beauty

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