National Parks Of The Amazon


The Amazon Rainforest and the enormous river of the same name have proven to be invaluable resources for Brazil and South America alike. In fact, in addition to the important resources that they provide in terms of the environment and their being an important habitat to a plethora of plant- and animal species, the Amazon rainforest and river are also major attractions for people from all over the world, encouraging them to visit Brazil and experience its natural splendour for themselves.

The Amazon is home to hundreds of thousands of different species. To protect these, national parks and reserves have had to be established. These invite visitors to see the fauna and flora within its natural habitat, while protecting (to some degree) against widespread destruction, illness, and so on. These parks must promote sustainability and source funds to remain viable. Every year, they welcome local and international visitors, educating these ones and providing them with the precious chance to experience the diversity of Brazil’s natural arena

Some of these parks are:

A floating hotel nestled within the unrivalled beauty of Mamiraua is just the thing to welcome tourists from all over the world. This region comprises flooded forests, which guests are encouraged to explore on canoe.

The Cabo Orange National Park
The Cabo Orange National Park is significant because it is situated on the coastline of Brazil; the only one in the rainforest that enjoys such a location. This means, of course, that the faunal and floral species found here are quite different to those of the areas situated further inland. The park is accessible by boat and provides a fascinating look at the very different ecosystems of the coast and the jungle, juxtaposed with one another.

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