Mountains Of Brazil


Brazil has a very old geological formation, dating millions of years. Most of the mountain ranges average an impressive height of 2 000 metres, or 6 562 feet. The Serra do Espinhaço Mountain Range is the largest in terms of the area it covers, while the Tumucumaque, Imeri and Pacaraima mountain ranges are the highest. Some of Brazil’s notable mountains include:

Pico da Bandeira
This mountain, known as Flag Peak in English, is near the border of Espírito Santo and Minas Gerais. It is the highest point of both states and is a popular tourist attraction for its beauty and accessibility.

The sheer cliffs of Mount Roraima.

Pedra da Mina
This mountain has an elevation of 2 798 metres, or just over 9 000 feet, and is situated between Quelez (in São Paulo) and Passa Quatro (in Minas Gerais). This is one of the highest mountains in the country, and is the highest in São Paulo.

Pico das Agulhas Negras (Black Needles Peak)
The Pico das Agulhas Negras is part of the Serra da Mantiqueira, a mountain range, and is situated in the states of Rio de Janeiro and Minas Gerais. At 2 791 metres high, this mountain is the fifth highest in Brazil. The jagged peaks of the mountain gave it its unique name. Despite various attempts, this summit was only reached in 1919, when Carlos Spierling and Osvaldo Leal finally made it to the top.

Mount Roraima

Located in the western part of Guyana, Mount Roraima is on the border between Brazil and Venezuela. It has an elevation of 2 810 metres, which is equivalent to 9 219 feet. First successfully climbed by Everard F im Thurn and Harry Inniss Perkins in 1884, Mount Roraima remains a popular hiking mountain. It is the highest mountain in the Pakaraima chain of the Tepui Plateau, and is part of the Guiana Highlands.

Pico do Monte Negro
Pico do Monte Negro is Rio Grande do Sul’s highest peak and is at the city of São José dos Ausentes. At 1 398 metres high, or 4 587 feet, this mountain is a popular climbing one, considered accessible and suitable for experienced hikers. It is also particularly beautiful, being covered with the lush Araucaria forest.

Morro da Igreja (Hill of the Portuguese)
Nestled within the state of Santa Catarina, this mountain has an elevation of 1 822 metres or 5 978 feet. Morro do Igreja is classified as being the highest inhabited point of the state, and is its second most elevated. It is also recognised as the coldest place in all Brazil, with winter temperatures dropping well below freezing point.

Sugarloaf Mountain
With an elevation of only 1 299 feet or 396 metres, the Sugarloaf Mountain is situated in Rio de Janeiro on a peninsula that leads it into the azure waters of the Atlantic Ocean. It is notable for rising straight out of the water and being comprised of granite and quartz.

Other mountains in Brazil include:

• Pico 31 de Março
• Pico da David lo
• Pico do Cruzeiro
• Pico do Calçado
• Mantiqueira Mountains
• Pico do Cristal
• Pico do Barbado
• Pico Paraná
• Morro da Boa Vista
• Morro das Antenas
• Monte Caburaí
• Pico do Papagaio
• Pico do Jabre
• Pico do Jaraguá
• Pico Alto
• Maciço do Urucum

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