Immigration To Brazil


Brazil has a variety of citizens that have immigrated to this country, over the years. You can too! Like any other country; you need to apply for immigration and then meet some compulsory steps to gain citizenship. There are lawful steps one must follow.

Immigration to Brazil has contributed significantly to its rich cultural lifestyle. Brazil has been counted as one of the main countries becoming the home to immigrants in the western hemisphere.

Since those times, various other foreign nationals have decided to make Brazil their homeland.

Today you can apply to reside in Brazil by applying for a permanent visa. Permanent visas will be supplied if you meet certain criteria:

  • Be an investor
  • Be a professional, professor, researcher or some other high level skilled worker.
  • Retired as long as you have an established monthly income that will be transferred to Brazil. This monthly income is set at a certain minimum amount to support the retiree and possibly two dependents. If the retiree wishes to bring over more direct family related dependents, further income must be bought in monthly to help support these additional individuals.

For family members of Brazilians, you may apply for a visa so long as:

  • Your ancestry such as, grandparents or parents were residents of Brazil or Brazilian.
  • You have a Brazilian sibling.
  • Your spouse or partner under common law reunion is Brazilian or lives in Brazil (note this includes same sex partnerships). Officials are known to do surprise visits to anyone wanting the permanent visa based on marriage/union.
  • This is done to ensure the partnership is real and has not been used as a fraudulent way to get into the country!.
  • In all cases certain documents will be required depending on each individual category of application for a Brazilian permanent visa. Generally one can not change one’s type of visa. For example, while you may have one visa that is valid you may not then go and apply for another type.

    However, in some cases though, a person may ask to transfer his / her temporary visa to a permanent visa. This may happen when:

    • Visiting family members in Brazil and you decide to stay.
      • You are a member of a religious institution.
        • You are working under contract for the Brazilian government in a capacity of teacher, scientist or as another type of stipulated professional.
        • You would need to begin the application process by going to the Federal Police of Brazil. As with any country, always do your research before leaping ahead. This may well prevent any unnecessary disappoints and unexpected delays.

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