Dilma Rousseff


Dilma Rousseff became the 36th president of Brazil on the 1 January of 2011. This was a special day for Brazil as it was the first time the country would have a female president. Rousseff was aged 64 when she had her inauguration and her advanced age boasts of a record of political activism since her teen years.


Rousseff’s term of office as president represents the Worker’s Party. This party has tended towards socialism.

Rousseff’s early history involves being part of the armed revolutionary guerrilla organization, to help bring about an end to the dictatorship. The dictatorship was a harsher time for Brazil and began in 1964. From that year on Brazil was governed by the military and with a two party system. Political rights were suspended from thousands of politicians and it is known that military-sanctioned indirect elections were conducted for most elected placements. Fortunately this ended in 1985 and political liberation began again.

Dilma Rousseff.

All politics seems to have a degree of scandal and Rousseff’s current second term as President has been filled with scandal. This has reduced her popularity amongst the citizens of Brazil and led to a suspension of her acting as president during her term of office.

The John Forbes magazine has listed Rousseff in 2014 as the 31st most powerful person in the world. Her ranking went down to 37th position in 2015 and she was listed as the 7th most powerful woman in the same year. However earlier in 2013, she was listed as the second most powerful woman in the world. These rankings all began after she was also the first woman to open a session of the United Nations General Assembly.

Rousseff was born on the 14 December 1947, to a Bulgarian immigrant who practiced as a lawyer. Her mom was a teacher. As a teenager Rousseff got involved in politics and was soon aligned with the militant group known as the National Liberation Command.

Rousseff’s private life involves a first marriage to a journalist. There was a time of separation and it was in 1976 that Rousseff gave birth to her only child – a daughter named Paula Rousseff de Araújo. The father of this child would later become Rousseff’s second husband. Their marriage has also ended in divorce.

Life has not been all that easy for this female president, as she has also served about two years in prison after being captured as a threat to the country’s then serving government in the early 1970’s (time of the dictatorship).

During her political career, Rousseff helped found the Democratic Workers Party (PDT). Her career has been a career filled by many high ranking job titles.

Rousseff fought on and climbed the political ladder to serve as:
Municipal Secretary of Treasury – 1985 to 1988
State Secretary of Energy – 1993 to 1994 and again from 1998 to 2002
Minister of Energy – 2003 to 2005
Chief of Staff – 2005 5to 2010
President of Brazil 2011 to current 2016

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