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Brazil is an interesting and stunning place to visit. It is the largest country in South America and there are vast areas to explore and go sights seeing. Brazil generally has a policy that states, if any other country accepts Brazilians without a visa, Brazil will gladly accept those countries’ citizens without a visa during their travels.
To provide you with a short list of some countries that have this agreement with Brazil, please read further below. This special no-visa requirement, applies for tourist and business visas for up to 90 days.

BelgiumEuropean Union
Hong Kong
New Zealand
South Africa
United Kingdom

For anyone without a passport from one of the exempt countries, you must comply with some set standards. Visa application can be done online. There are various listed visas to cater for different types of visitors. The visas listed below state just some of the standards you will need to comply with to apply for each visa.

The tourist visa – valid for up to 10 years with multiple entries during that time frame. For your visit always provide a copy of your itinerary.

Business via – same as for a tourist visa but also include your business invitation written in Portuguese and your company’s business letter.

Conference visa – valid for up to 3 months with multiple entries during that time frame. Also include conference invitation with your visa application.

Student visa – valid for up to 3 months

Scientific research visa

Investor visas – where one can meet or exceed to invest a stipulated amount of finance into Brazil

Crew visa – valid for up to 10 years

Work visa – there must be a clear criminal record and satisfactory medical examination

Official visa

There are other types of visas, such as the missionary visa and permanent visa. Each visa caters for a specific type of stay in Brazil. Pensioners can apply for permanent visas as long as their pension is above a certain amount and is transferred into Brazil every month.

Some of the visa requirements include, proof of bank statement and yellow fever vaccinations. Although tourist and business visas can be granted within 5 days, the processing fee for a business visa costs much more.

If you do get granted a visa that extends past 90 days, it is important that after you arrive in Brazil you report to the Federal Police. The Federal Police will start the process to issue you with an identity card.

When traveling to Brazil, remember you need a permit before bringing along animals, meats, dairy, seeds, plants, eggs, honey, fruit, and types of non-processed food.

Try not overstaying your granted stay period, if you do overstay a daily fine will be imposed. This daily fine will be charged to up to 100 days. Thereafter it will be one fixed sum that you are obliged by law to pay.

The Federal Police will stamp your passport when you arrive in Brazil with a number, the last digit must be an odd number. When you depart from Brazil the Federal Police will stamp it again with a number, this time the last digit will be an even number.

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