Public Holidays In Brazil


In the national language of Brazil, which is Portuguese,  public holiday is, 'feriado público'. These holidays can be legislated at the federal, state and local municipality levels. In Brazil cities, towns, states may or may not have their own 'public holiday' independent of the country as a whole.

Nation - nacionais
State - estaduais
Municipal - municipais

Any national holiday that falls on a Sunday is taken the following Monday.

The below is the "official holiday" list:

January 1

New Year's Day

Ano Novo/ Confraternização Universal

April 21

Tiradentes' Day

Dia de Tiradentes

May 1

Labour Day

Dia do Trabalhador (Dia do Trabalho)

September 7


Dia da Independência

October 12

Our Lady of Aparecida

Nossa Senhora Aparecida

November 2

All Souls' Day

Dia de Finados

November 15

Republic Day

Proclamação da República

December 25

Christmas Day


It is interesting to know that the Brazilian worker is legally intituled to 22 days paid vacation by government law.

It is also important to know that general election days are considered public holidays as well, this is stated in the Brazil Constituition, the First round General elections are on the first Sunday in October and on the last Sunday in October in the second round.