Brazil Gun Laws


Guns are a major hot topic in Brazil. With a high crime rate with the use of guns, especially illegal guns being used to murder; guns truly need more regulation in this country.

It has been estimated that over half of the guns in Brazil are unregistered. This carries implications for higher crime rates and illegal actions. In 2005, a referendum was held to ban gun ownership among civilians but it failed.

Consequently Brazil has a number of gun laws to help curb illegal ownership and use of guns. Some of these laws are shown below: Generally it is illegal to expose anyone under the age of 18 years (sometimes even between 18 and 21) to a gun or bomb.
. Generally a person must be 25 years or older before being legally able to register for a gun license to own a gun. .Gun registration can be done with the Federal Police or online.
.All people applying for a gun license in Brazil must pass a background check. This means that some research is done on the applicants criminal, employment, health and mental background. Such a check is done to ensure a person is stable and responsible enough to own a gun.
.There must be a reason why you apply for a gun. The reasons may include; to hunt animals, do target shooting or to have for security protection.
.It is compulsory to pay a registration fee every three years to keep this gun license valid. Being caught with a gun and without a license leads to punishment by law. The most severe punishment is two to fours in prison with a fine.
.A civilian with a private gun may not take his/her gun to a church, school, government building, bank, sports playground or any other public gathering place.
.A civilian may however carry his/her gun in public as long as it is concealed and in line with a granted permit.
.The state has a special policy on what they do when guns are seized or found. These guns are destroyed! Civilians may not lawfully own fully automatic weapons privately.
.It is also illegal to own private handguns (pistols and revolver) except in certain lawful granted and approved cases.
.The law of Brazil states that a truthful record must be kept by firearm dealers. This record is for the regulating authority to oversee all purchases, sales or transfers of guns and ammunition (bullets).
.All fire arm dealers must be licensed. This ensures guns are properly traceable. .Gun makers must also be licensed.
.Gun makers are further required to maintain a record of every firearm they produce.
.All manufactured firearms in Brazil must be available to be checked by the regulating authorities. This ensures a quality and control over weapons.

Finally Brazil has encouraged civilians to give up illegal fire arms, by introducing firearm surrender schemes. It is a voluntary act to hand in illegal guns, to help in the fight against illegal firearms.

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